Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I've Moved!

There are just too many "Knits & Pics" type names out there. It's time I differentiated myself.
I'm now over at http://thekniterpreter.wordpress.com/
Hope to see you there.

PS I tried to create an actual link to my new blog but it wouldn't accept it. Now you know why I have moved.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Word of the Day

Fulking (ptcpl. vb.) - Pretending not to be in when the carol-singers come round.

MERRY CHRISTMAS Carolers and all.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Word of the Day

Burbage (n.) - The sound made by a liftful [elevator full] of people all trying to breathe through their noses.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holy Blog Posts Batman!

What can I say, I've been away from my computer for quite some time now and have a lot of catching up to do.

I've been working on a few knitting projects the last couple of weeks. Despite the fact that being sick sucks; I certainly got a decent amount of knitting done.
I'm almost done my Cherie Amour by Ashley Adams Moncrief. Designed for Knitty: Fall 2007.

I had a lot of trouble lining up the lace once the decreasing started. I eventually decided to not worry about it. It really isn't all that noticeable that it doesn't all line up perfectly.
All that is left is the sewing (ugh) and some edging. Not bad. If I can force myself to get to the sewing that is.

My Corsica is on hold for now.

I really need to get to my Christmas knitting. I leave for Vernon on the 20th or 21st. Yikes! I do this to myself every year. What I need is a copy of The Knitter's Guide to Life, the Universe, and Everything with the words "DON'T PANIC" printed on it in large friendly letters; a largish skein of cashmere from my favorite LYS (1); and a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (2) to forget life, the universe, and everything.

**For those of you who are not familiar with "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy":
(1) A largish skein of cashmere has a similar effect on the psychological well being of knitters as a largish towel from Marks and Spencer on interstellar hitchhikers.
(2) The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster is the best drink in (non)existence. It's effect is like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick.

Stay tuned for more Christmas knitting adventures. Coming to a blog post near you.

I'm Addicted to Socks

Might as well face it I'm addicted to socks. Might as well face it I'm addicted to socks. I can just picture a group of lovely ladies behind me in tight little dresses pretending to play instuments that they probably don't even know the names of. Oh yah, and they're all wearing hand made socks and Burkenstock sandals.
Can I really say that I'm addicted to socks though? I have only knit 2 pairs after all.

Maybe it's the yarn I'm addicted to. I do have enough to make 20 more pairs.
Might as well face it I'm addicted to yarn. Might as well... Mmh... It just doesn't have the same melodic ring to it.
I guess that means I better get sock knitting. :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sick as a "Dog"??

Meaning: very sick. Simile dating back to the 1500s or earlier.

Where do we, English speakers, come up with these idioms? Personally I've never really seen a very sick dog.
What happens when a dog really is sick? Do we say: "Poor thing, he's as sick as a human, a hominid, a Homo sapiens, an Adamite"?

All good questions to ponder when you are stuck at home sick as a dog. :)

Word of the Day

Budby (n.) - A nipple clearly defined through flimsy or wet material.

Bude (n.) - A polite joke reserved for use in the presence of vicars.

Budle (vb.) - To fart underwater.

*All words and definitions from "The Deeper Meaning of Liff" by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Word(s) of the Day

Brumby (n.) - The fake antique plastic seal on a pretentious whisky bottle.

Brymbo (n.) - The single unappetizing bun left in a baker's shop after four p.m.

("The Deeper Meaning of Liff" by Douglas Adams & John Lloyd)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Word of the Day

Brough Sowerby (n.) - One who has been working at the same desk in the same office for fifteen years and has very much his own ideas about why he is continually passed over for promotion.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Word of the Day

Bromsgrove (n.) - Any urban environment containing a small amount of dog turd and about forty-five tons of bent steel pylon or a lump of concrete with holes claiming to be sculpture.
Oh, come my dear, and come with me
And wander 'neath the bromsgrove tree - Betjeman

("The Deeper Meaning of Liff" by Douglas Adams & John Lloyd)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Kiss!

TheKiss1.jpg, originally uploaded by Knits&Pics.

Congratulations to Amy and Sandra (a.k.a Sandra and Amy) on your nuptuals.
The party on Friday was a big success thanks to Michelle and Coreena (sp?) and many others. We all managed to keep the party a secret too so it was a true surprise.
Although, I think the real surprise came when we managed to talk Sandra into a public kiss. Don't they look happy? I mean... ew sick! ;) (that one's for Sandra).
Here's to many more years of bliss you two.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Word of the Day

Broats (pl. n.) - A pair of trousers with a career behind them. Broats are most commonly seen on elderly retired army officers. Originally the broats were part of their best suit back in the thirties; then in the fifties they were demoted and used for gardening. Recently, pensions not being what they were, the broats have been called out of retirement and reinstated as part of the best suit again.

Bonus Word

Brompton (n.) - A brompton is that which is said to have been committed when you are convinced you are about to blow off with a resounding trumpeting noise in a public place and all that actually slips out is a tiny 'pfpt'.

In a sentence: I wish my husband would, once in a while, commit a brompton instead of the trumpeting noise that resounds through the floor from the basement family room.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Word of the Day

Brithdir (n.) - (Old Norse) The first day of the winter on which your breath condenses in the air.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Word of the Day

Brisbane (n.) - A perfectly reasonable explanation. (Such as one offered by a person with a gurgling cough which has nothing to do with the fact that they smoke fifty cigarettes a day.)

Also: The perfectly reasonable explanation that knitters give themselves when buying more yarn despite the fact they have a big enough stash at home to start their own store.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Holy Stash Batman!

I just spent the better part of my day taking pictures of and documenting my yarn stash. It wasn't as scary as I thought. That may be because of the fact that I'm not actually finished yet. Yikes!
I am sure that there are many others out there in knit land that have much bigger stashes than I do. I do take comfort in that. :)
To see my stash in its entirety, you will need to check me out Ravelry.

Happy stash busting everyone.